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ok... so there are hundreds of blogs out there about making money on the internet. So, what makes this any different? well for one thing, if you are looking at this blog right now, that means you still want to make more money, even after reading all those blogs about making money. This blog is going to show you my step by step progress in all the ways i make money online. i make around $3000 to $3500 a month online. they come from multiple sources and takes time at first. I make a few hundred here and there every month. If you would like some miracle program or system that makes tens of thousands a month...than you can go and spend your well earned money on any one of those "make money online" sites, where they sell you ebooks...just remember to come back after you failed...

if you are anything like me and want a more realistic approach at making a living online, than stick around and check back on this blog from time to time. cause im going to show you all the ways i make money and how i use them and will keep you updated on my profits. if i try something new my readers will be the first to know about it and i will keep you informed every step of the process and will honestly tell you if its worth trying or not.

Remember, i will do all this for FREE...WHY? well, i dont have to explain why...if you think im trying to scam you somehow with this blog your are free to leave now!

But for thoses that really wonder why....i having been looking for this kind of blog or website but havent found any in the past 3 years...so i want to help as many of you out there as possible...but what do i gain? money. you will find ads all over this blog... but i will not ask you for a single dime! so relax im not trying to con you. all i ask is that you come back time to time if you find my blog to be helpful. feel free to email with any questions and/or request to review a product or system you are interested in.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


“Internet Marketing” has become as dirty a phrase to outsiders as “child porn” thanks to no talent posers who discovered the very sad secret that you can basically sell a pile of dog shit for fifty dollars, hundreds of times a day and you can sell recurring piles of dog shit for fifty dollars a month.

Well, in all honesty it is a little bit funny, millions of “internet marketers” running around buying useless thing after useless thing chasing that big dream of financial independence and happiness that’s hammered on you day in and day out.

Hey, it’s not a fair fight; we know that, I mean how hard is it to sell a dream to someone living a life they hate, working a job they hate? Not very.

Welcome to Internet Marketing today.

So it’s time to try and do a little good for a change, after all, making money in this game is just plain easy.

Sorry but it’s the truth, and if you aren’t making any money it’s because you keep letting the guys that are, throw a pillow case over your head and spin you around like it’s pin the tail on the donkey, except of course that you’re the donkey.

Do you know how many people in this game would be so satisfied if they could just make an extra $50 a day? Millions.

$50 a day could pay most of their household bills each month and provide a nice little security blanket for the typical family.

Do you know how easy it is to make $50 a day in this industry? About as easy as changing a tire, it takes a little effort, a little time, and you might have to get your hands dirty, but anyone can do it in practically no time.

We’ll warn you ahead of time since it’s only fair:

Dominate IM is the only site to teach both whitehat and blackhat ways of making money.

Now maybe you are morally opposed to blackhat tactics, good for you, your competitors are not, so maybe it’s time to become a monk since that’s about the only place in the world where you don’t have to play dirty to be on a higher level.

Want to see what an internet marketing membership site should look like?

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ps: i am a paid memeber of this site... its great if you are serious about making money...my id is acsitesupport so if you join come and send me a msg and say hi

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Forum money

I - Fundamentals:

building creditability within the forum.
Earning good trust from the forum members,
and possibly your potential customers, needs time and consistency.
The safest way is to start off by providing useful information in the topics that you are proficient in.

Things to avoid in forums
1. Create duplicate forum accounts.
2. Post duplicate threads.
3. Bumping threads. When you keep posting in your own threads saying 'Offer still on.', 'Bump.' etc.
4. Spamming.
5. Thread hijacking, when you post off topic stuff in someone else's thread.
6. Posting of affiliate links in threads.

II - Monetize Your Profile

Forum Signatures
Forum signatures are text that you create so that it will show at the bottom of your post. members put their web sites' links in their signatures. some forums allow signatures to be fully indexable by the bots and create backlinks.
signatures can also attract traffic to your sites.
a signature can achieve the best promotion results if:
1. You have posted great content or helpful stuff for most people.
2. Your signature has captured the attention of the members.
3. You are a well-known member of the forum.
a signature will receive more clicks if they are relevant in the topics participated.

Selling Signature Space
Using DigitalPoint forum as an example, a senior member (of post count
more than 10,000) can easily earn $400 per month by selling signatures.

how it works.
its just like selling text links. people will pay you to put their links on your signature. usually the space gets auctioned.

The usual market rate is
$1 for every 100 posts a member has, meaning $0.01/post.

Forum Avatars
this is a picture that is associated with your profile or posts. this space is rented out as well. although, the market for renting out avatars are not the great.

III - How to outsource a great service and generate massive income

The first step is to find two reliable service provider in a forum that you can combine their services into one. For example, if you find that this particular writer often produce great content and deliver before deadline, this writer may be the one that you are looking for. If you have been submitting articles to the directories, you may also have some good article submitters in mind.
Repackage the services and make it yours.
Now that you have the two service providers working for you. You should decide your price next. Imagine if it takes $5 to write an article and $5 to submit, you can easily make a 100% profit by pricing your service at $20.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

quick update on COPEAC

this is just a quick update on Copeac.com

i have only tested this site for one week. and so far great. i am going to put it aside for the time being.

i have an idea in mind about how im going to use Copeac but it requires some time to set up. so until than COPEAC is on hold.

i made $20.60 in one week and no money invested in advertising.